Baking Bread

Ah, bread day.  I’ve had this routine for awhile now, where once a week I bake our bread.  It’s a lovely day, really.  I take out the sourdough starter from the fridge the night before, and I feed it some flour and water, then let it sit at room temperature until the morning.  It’s the most simple, yet gratifying experience.  I add flour, salt, water, oats, flax, poi ( fermented taro root), or whatever else I may have, and then knead until I have a big, beautiful mass of dough!  I let this sit for an hour or so, then knead again and shape into loaves…Then it goes into the oven, to cook until golden brown.  We always eat one loaf right away, hot from the oven.

My family loves this bread.  It’s a big staple food for us, and I feel great about feeding it to my loved ones!  Sourdough is such a classic, time honored process.  Collecting the wild yeast from the air, and letting it do the job of rising the dough and making it taste so unique…This is something special.  I love that you can take such simple ingredients and make a healthful, wholesome, nourishing food.  And a fermented food is always the best for your body too.  www.wildfermentation is a great website that goes into detail on the benefits of fermented foods.  It’s a passion of mine, and knowing I do at least this one thing each week to create an enriching food for my family and me, makes me feel great!

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