Green Smoothies

We try to make a green smoothie every day.  It’s so healthy, and can actually be quite tasty!  We stick to one basic recipe, but you can get really creative.  Since we garden in Hawaii, we have a lot of jungle crops that grow year round.  We add okinawan spinach, purple sweet potato greens, kale, begonia flowers (yes, they’re edible!), and any other tasty greens or flowers that may be growing.  We also add approximately four (small) frozen bananas, half a papaya, one or two aloe leaves, and filtered water.  Then we blend until everything is finely chopped and well blended, and we’ve got our delicious green smoothie!  It’s a great addition to your daily diet.  There are some great benefits to drinking your greens.  Since the blender chops them finely, it makes it easier for your body to assimilate all the nutrients, as opposed to when we chew them either in a salad or cooked.  Do some research and learn all the benefits of green smoothies.  I know we feel great when we drink one every day!  Even my one year old enjoys them.  

He likes to share with me, drinking from a big glass!  I can’t say the same for my four and seven year old boys, but at least I’m starting this one out at a younger age!  Try a green smoothie if you haven’t yet.  It could be great for your health!  

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