Fruit Frenzy

We have two amazing foods in abundance right now….

Brazil Cherries (Eugenia brasiliensis)















We have been enjoying eating LOTS of these two lovely fruits…and finding new and fun things to do with them.  The vegan chocolate avocado cake with avocado frosting was a favorite, as was the avocado pound cake with brazil cherry compote!

We are also getting a lot of great greens from our gardens.  So we have a salad with every dinner, with greens like arugula, brocoli rabe, napa cabbage, okinawan spinach, and kale.

And as of today, we have so many bananas!  Our friend Forrest went on a banana hunt, and found 3 large racks of bananas.  So I bet we will be making some banana bread in the near future!

It’s great just being involved in the cycles of the fruiting of the trees.  We work with what is fruiting, and try to wait patiently for the next abundant crop.   We are so grateful to always have greens growing in the garden year round, to harvest from daily…Yum!


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