Harvesting Herbs For Tea


Now that the days are getting hotter, I try to always have some cold herbal tea in the fridge.  Mmm, I do love harvesting from the farm to make these delicious teas.
I usually make it a little different each time, but the basics I like to add are:

MamakiDSC_0022 2







DSC_0026DSC_0025lemongrass or lemon balm,








DSC_0033and gotu kola.





I also sometimes add ginger, tumeric, passionflower and catnip.  It always tastes even better with some sweetener, either honey or sugar cane juice (which we harvest and juice ourselves!).  The simple pleasures of life, collecting such fine herbs for the health of our family.

I’ve been reading some of Rosemary Gladstar’s books again, and she is so inspiring when it comes to using herbs for health.  There are so many healthful plants growing all around us, all we have to do is become informed and make good use of them!  What many consider weeds have the greatest healing power.  I love these plants that don’t take a lot of care, because with 3 young children and a lot of farm responsibilities, I am grateful to always have plants growing that I don’t have to manage or care for.  We are learning to enjoy these plants that only need a little nurturing from the sun and rain, and nothing more!


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