Garden Update

DSC_0114It’s been a busy few months in the garden, and I’ve really been enjoying it.  There’s always so much to do, and I started at the beginning…First, making LOTS of starts.  It’s easier for me to start everything this way, rather than sowing straight into the beds, because i can monitor them more closely.  (birds, weather, soil conditions, etc)  Then, as the young starts got big enough to transplant, I had to prepare the beds…This involved lots of weeding, turning the soil, digging out rocks, sifting compost, and mulching.  So much love and energy goes into making food!

Now the plants are growing, some better than others, buDSC_0146DSC_0136t I’m trying to give them everything they need to thrive.  The tomatillos and green beans are doing amazing, growing at lightening speed, but the eggplants i started from seed are not doing very well.  So i amended the soil with more compost and added some compost/comfrey tea as well…And we’ll wait and see how they do!  

There’s so much growing in the garden now.  I think it’s going to be an abundant summer!

And now some pictures of the hard labor going into the garden…


Sifting soil with Asher on my back!


Zeoc taking a (short!) break with the boys.

The green green central valley garden.

The green green central valley garden.



Micah took this picture of me sifting compost!

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1 Response to Garden Update

  1. wanda says:

    oh thank you thank you thank you for including me in your green and lovely garden!!!!! makes me hungry for green goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!! sending much love your way……….mom/grandma

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