Creating Balance


Ginger cleaned and ready to eat!

There’s never enough time in a day, right?  It seems I always have a list of things to do, and even if I complete some of them, I obsess over the things I didn’t complete as I’m lying in bed at night.  At this time of life, with homeschooled kids, farm animals and pets, gardens in a year round growing environment, extra curricular activities and more, it can seem overwhelming at times.  But, it doesn’t have to.  Because I am trying to focus on creating balance.  Taking more time to relax, and enjoy each moment.  It seems so simple, but actually getting in the habit of noticing the special moments that are happening all the time can be difficult.  Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right!  (The phone’s not working, our not water heater is broken, etc)  But really, I have so many blessings in my life!  The beautiful weather, my wonderful family, and the peace that I get from being outside in nature.   This is where I find I get back to my center, when I take time to get outside and get my hands in the dirt.  I love growing things, tending plants, and feeling the elements of nature upon me, whether it’s sun, rain or wind.  Life is short, as everyone says.  So I will do my best to be grateful and hopeful that the difficult times will pass quickly and I’ll be able to focus on the good to create a wonderful balance in my life!


Beautiful ginger growing out of the earth!

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4 Responses to Creating Balance

  1. mom says:

    could we share a cup of ginger tea together, sitting on the deck, under the moon?

  2. Nanette Ricco says:

    Strange – this popped up at the exact moment i needed to be reminded to slow down and appreciate whats in front of me. My kids will leave for school in 2 years. The things I’m complaining about now are the things I will be adding to the list of things I miss when they’re away. Thanks for reminding me and for you excellent timing.

    • Yes Nanette, it’s true. When I’m in the right frame of mind, I look at the toys scattered in random places, and I don’t get annoyed by the mess…instead it makes me happy to see such sweet reminders of my kids happy lives, knowing that it won’t always be like this. I may have a clean house years from now, but I’ll miss the crazy fun of having little ones scampering around! I just gotta keep reminding myself…Enjoy the moment!

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