About Us

Mele Nahiku is a small sustainable farm with a strong desire to be an inspiration for individuals and growing families to live simply and happily.  We are committed to living simply off the land, and we are devoted to each other as a family, nurturing and supporting one another on our spiritual, mental, and emotional paths.  Here we learn as we go along our path, and live life with a creative spirit.

We live off the grid with solar panels providing our electricity, and rainwater is collected in two ten thousand gallon tanks that we use for drinking, bathing, and watering plants.   We are very rural and enjoy spending most of our time at home, on the farm.  This way we are able to get into a good rhythm of caring for the animals and ourselves, and enjoying the abundance of the natural beauty of the land and our home.

Our diet is flexible and nonjudgemental.  We have milking goats and chickens, so when possible, we make our eggs and dairy products our staples.  We also enjoy harvesting greens daily, which we use to make green smoothies and fresh salads.  We make kombucha tea, sourdough bread, kim chee and other tasty foods for our general health.  We normally stay away from conventional medicines and prefer natural, holistic remedies.  Creating a healthy environment for each other and our children is very important to us, so we are not tolerant of recreational drug use.

We have named our land Mele Nahiku: “Mele” meaning song or chant, and Nahiku is the name of this area, and means “the sevens” (in connection with the Seven Sisters, or Little Dipper).  Thus, we are the Song of Nahiku!

We are committed to raising our children in a nurturing and natural environment, believing that in this way they will thrive and go on to better the world.

Aloha from our family at Mele Nahiku!

Zeoc, Jen, Micah, Manny & Asher


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