Please contact us via email to schedule a visit to the farm!

It is our desire to live in a safe, serene, and peaceful environment.  An important element to this sort of lifestyle is that we only host visitors that are committed to being drug free, and without addictions.  We are creating a family farm, raising three young children, and we ask that you respect our desire to set a healthy example.

Since we live so remotely and differently from most people, we have found it useful to provide a list of supplies to pack for your stay here.


  • headlamp with rechargeable batteries
  • sleeping bag or bedding (each sleeping cabin has a bed)
  • raincoat
  • light, quick dry clothing (pants & long sleeve shirts)
  • socks
  • natural mosquito repellant
  • footwear for wet weather (boots, crocs, etc)
  • sun hat
  • work gloves

The weather here is a mix of sun and rain.  We live in the rainforest, so expect plenty of rain!  (But remember, those rain showers bring rainbows!)  Also, we do get lots of hot sunny days , so be prepared for a sub-tropical experience.  We have lots of insects here, so be prepared to experience mosquitoes, spiders, ants and other fun creatures!  

We are very low-tech here, since we live off the grid.  This provides for a unique experience to enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural world.  We don’t have cell phone service on our farm, but do have a land line for all to use, in the community area.  We have satellite internet for occasional use, and the library is half an hour away in Hana, which has high speed internet and cell phone service.

We would be happy to pick you up from the airport and give you a ride to our farm.  We just ask for a $20 donation to help with the cost of gas.  It is a long drive ( 1 1/2 hrs each way!) , and gas is expensive on Maui.  We will also make a stop at the health food store with you so that you can pick up any food items you may need for your stay here.

If simplicity and homesteading is what you desire, please contact us to see about a visit to our farm!


1 Response to Visitors

  1. Monica Moses says:

    I love your website, only wish there were more pictures. It looks so beautiful there. And the baby goats are ridiculously cute. It was lovely meeting you all. Hope your trip to the mainland was a good one. 🙂

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