New Year Update

DSC_0058We’ve been blessed this new year with amazing weather.  Because of this, we spend most of our time outside!  Jumping under rainbows, playing in the pond, working in the gardens, playing with the goats…Ah, we have been enjoying our days!

Our goat herd is now down to a very manageable size, since we moved six young goats on to their new home.  We now have a total of six goats; 5 nannies and 1 whether. We are milking four goats now, and getting approximately 2 gallons a day.  I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen, processing milk into cheese, keifer, yogurt and buttermilk.  I’ve also been making kombucha tea, sourdough bread, and sprouting beans.  We have a very productive kitchen at present!

Our garden is getting some much needed attention lately.  A lot of our greens are coming to the end of their production, so we’ve been making new beds and transplanting starts of kale, leeks, arugula, lettuce, and other various veggies.  We have some good friends here now, and they are full of great ideas and enthusiasm!  I’m enjoying planting some things in my small garden boxes behind my house, and I’m watching some beloved herbs start from seed.  They are taking their sweet time, but I look forward to when they are mature and we have lots of herbs everywhere…Borage, parsley, lemon balm, catnip, sage….The more herbs, the better!

We are very busy, with farm duties, family life, homeschooling, and community connection.  Sometimes it’s hard to juggle it all with finesse, but when I start to feel overwhelmed all I have to do is take some time alone outside.  Whether it’s with the goats, sitting next to the little pond, or just lying in the grass looking at the sky…I feel rejuvenated and so blessed to be living the life I live!DSC_0023

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